This Privacy Policy is relative to the website (“Website”), managed and powered by Roberto Tondi Fotografo company, head office Via Orsini del Balzo 42, 73100 Lecce, P.iva: 02479380756 (“Roberto Tondi Fotografo”)

Informations user will decide to share by this Website will be processed in accordance with this document, as the personal data user will be supply by registering to Roberto Tondi Fotografo's website internet service.(“Service”)

To provide Service we collect some informations about our users. Collected informations are the necessary to provide Service and offer user a customized experience. Data controller, as article 4, will protect users' data.

Here we describe types of data we collect, processing data purposes, external parties to which we could communicate data, and we give informations to allow users to give consent to the processing of their personal data.

We edited current Privacy Policy in conformity with Raccomandazione n. 2/2001, adopted on May 17th, 2001 by Gruppo di Lavoro per la Tutela dei Dati Personali - Art. 29, with regard to minimum requirements for collecting on-line data in the European Union and it represents information document for everyone as Art. 13 from Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196 and following editing

It's possible current Privacy Policy to be re-edit sometimes. You must control this section of the Website regularly and read changes.


When you use we collect types of data as in the 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 following paragraphs.

2.1 Registration

When you register an account for the Website - to use our services too - we could request you some data as name and surname, email address and other informations you could give us, as sex, phone number, date of birth, your third party social username (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Skype, LinkedIn, etc.) and other informations about Service or browser you use
User must not communicate to Roberto Tondi Fotografo or other users secret, confidential informations, or informations which could be a danger for you or third parties: Roberto Tondi Fotografo, data controller and data owner are not responsible about that. User must not provide informations about his own balance sheet, sexual or political leanings, health, etc, unless the offered Service requests them.

2.2 Service usage

When you use Service we collect informations such as: (i) data about your interaction with Service (i.e. visualisation of courses, web pages and their offers, suggestions, preferences, interactions with other users; (ii) made researches and publishing; (iii) technical data (i.e. URL you come from; your IP address and your device ID; the browser you use, etc.); (iv) informations about cookies as you can read at the following 2.4 paragraph; (v) informations about the place you stay during access (when you are agree to use locationing function).
When Roberto Tondi Fotografo allows it, if you decide to connect your Facebook, Twitter or other social networks account to the Website, you allow us to collect some informations related to those social networks, such as credentials, name, email, sex and profile picture, name and profile pictures from your friends, etc..

2.3 Aggregated anonymous data

We can collect some anonymous data about Service usage automatically, such as users number, frequency and ways of using, informations about some functions usage. In order to provide you commercial advertisements, when you use Service, Google Analytics and/or other services could collect anonymous data such as the number of times to see an advertisement, or offer, or shop, etc. (it will not collect personal informations such as your name or address ever.

2.4 Cookies

Cookies are text files sended to users from visited website. They are stored on personal computer's hard disk, allowing the website to recognise users and store informations about them, making web service useful and better.

It exists more types of cookies. They are necessary to navigate Website, others have different purposes, such as guaranteeing internal security, administrating system, making statistical analysis, understanding which are the sections of the Website most interesting for users, offering Website customized visit.

Website uses technical cookies and not profiling cookies. What we wrote before refers both to user's personal computer and every other device user could use to connect to the Website.

Technical Cookies

Technical cookies have as purpose to make data transmission on an electronic communication network only, as a measure strictly necessary to allow information company making a service the user or member asked for.

They are not used for other purposes and are installed directly by owner or manager of the website generally.

They could be navigation cookies or session cookies and they guarantee a normal navigation and use of the website (i.e. allowing purchasing or authentication for restricted areas); analytics cookies, assimilated to technical cookies when they are used by website's manager to collect informations, in an aggregated way, about number of users and the way they visit the website; functional cookies, which allow user to navigate according to selected choices (i.e. language, selected products for purchasing) and to have the best service.

Making cookies disabled could limit Website usage and block Website functions and services. To decide which cookies you want to accept or decline, you can read the following description about the cookies this Website uses.

Types of cookies we use.

First-party cookies:

First-party cookies (cookies owned by editor who made them) are set up by the website which user visits, the address of which you can see in the URL window. Using aforementioned cookies allows the website working good and understanding users' behavior.

Third-party cookies:

Third-party cookies are set up by a different domain from the one's visited by user. If a user visits a website and a different company send the information taking advantage from that website, it's because of third-party cookies.

Session cookies:

Session cookies are stored temporarily and they are deleted when user closes browser. If user registers for the Website, it could use cookies to collect personal data, identificate user for next visits, make an easy access-login and navigation for the Website (i.e. by storing username and password). Roberto Tondi Fotografo uses cookies to administrate system also. The Website could content links to other website. Roberto Tondi Fotografo has no access or is not in control of cookies, web bacon and other different tracking tecnologies from third-party websites to which user could access by the Website, availability, contents and material published or got by those websites and connected ways of personal data processing; because of a big number of third-parties websites, Roberto Tondi Fotografo refuses any responsability. The user should read privacy policy of third-parties websites to which he accesses by the Website to understand the way of personal data processing, because you can apply Roberto Tondi Fotografo's Privacy Policy to the Website only, as we described it above.

Persistent cookies:

Persistent Cookies are stored on users's device between browser sessions, allowing for recording users preferences and actions for a website. They could be used for different purposes, for example to remember preferences and choices when user visits the Website.

Essential cookies:

They are strictly necessary for Website operations. Without them some sections of the Website could not work. For example they allow user to access in restricted areas of the Website. These cookies don't collect informations for marketing purposes and they cannot be disabled.

Functional cookies:

They help to recognise users coming back to visit the Website. They allow to customize contents and remember preferences (i.e. selected language or country). They don't collect informations which provide to identify user. All collected informations are anonymous.

Sharing cookies on Social Networks:

These cookies make easy sharing website's contents through social networks as Facebook and Twitter. To read about relative privacy and cookies policies you could visit social networks' website. For Facebook and Twitter visit and

You can read the list below about main cookies this Website uses, their relative descriptions and duration.

1) Types of Cookies First-party - Functional
Origin Roberto Tondi Fotografo
Purpose Retrieving user preferences (saving user session and remember some preferences as accessibility)
Duration Persistent Cookies
2) Types of cookies First-party - Functional
Origin Roberto Tondi Fotografo
Purpose Storing user place and remembering language preferences (in an anonymous way)
3) Types of cookies First-party - Functional
Origin Roberto Tondi Fotografo
Purpose Customizing page contents depending on user device, his choice and preferences (in an anonymous way)

How to modify cookies preferences.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but generally user can modify preferences to disallow that function. It's possible to stop all cookies types, or accept to receive some of them and disallow others. "Option" and "Preferences" sections in the browser menu allow to prevent to receive cookies and other user tracking tecnologies and get notice from browser about activation of these tecnologies. Otherwise you can read "Help" section from the tools bar of almost every browser.

You can select your browser from the list below also and follow instructions: - Internet Explorer; - Chrome; - Safari; - Firefox; - Opera. From mobile: - Android; - Safari; - Windows Phone; - Blackberry.

For more informations about cookies (first and/or third-party) users could visit the following website You must remember disallowing navigation or functional cookies could cause bad working of the Website and/or limit the service offered by Roberto Tondi Fotografo.

2.5 Account closing.

The manager of Service can decide to close your Roberto Tondi Fotografo account always. If your account will be closed your personal data will be deleted on request.


Data collected by Roberto Tondi Fotografo are processed for the following purposes:

  • offering the Service, guaranteeing its good working and customizing it as user preferences;
  • analyzing's usage and interactions with related services to develop new features and offer customized contents and advertisment;
  • communicate with users for Service offering, for promotional purpose also;
  • providing and promoting custom-made products and services for you;
  • controlling Roberto Tondy Fotografo's Privacy Policy to be respected.


  1. Your collected personal data could be processed to satisfy your service requests, communicate with you on your account, support your activities related to the Service and answer your questions. It will be possible to use your personal data and/or your profile informations to customize your purchasing experience and to give you a better Service. When you use the Service, Roberto Tondi Fotografo can identify you by your name and surname which you will communicate during registration or registration by social network.
  2. Aggregated informations (you can find them at 2.3 paragraph) we collect, and other anonymous informations, are used to better understand users and customize Service as their preferences. We process this type of informations so that users, whom informations refer to, could be not identify personally;
  3. Roberto Tondi Fotografo does not communicate its data to third for commercial purposes, unless you explicitly authorized the processing owner to do it, flagging acceptance module of the Privacy Policy. In this case Roberto Tondi Fotografo can transmitt your personal data you gave to estate, insurance, banking, mobile and fixed telephony, energy, internet services, advertisment, legal services companies.

Your data will be mainly processed by electronic or automated instruments.


The owner of data the Website collects is Roberto Tondi Fotografo company, placed in Via Orsini del Balzo 42, 73100 Lecce, P.iva: 02479380756 .


Your data could be communicate to:

  • Subjects appointed by data owner to conduct activities related to Service supply and technical maintenance of network equipment and electronic transmission;
  • Persons, companies and professional studios supporting Data Owner for Website and Roberto Tondi Fotografo by assistance and consulting .

Your personal data we collected during Service usage can not spread.


We could transfer user's personal data outside the European Union by preventative measure as current privacy law to guarantee protection, security and privacy. Accepting current document user gives his consent to using and transferring his own data as we wrote at 6 Paragraph of current document.


To make Service working Roberto Tondi Fotografo could use third-party services, as Google Maps, its hardware parts' device as wi-fi, gps and mobile network to provide your position in a not permanent way and to customize Service experience for you and the others users. If you don't want your position to be identificated, you can disallow geolocation from mobile apps or website preferences menu. If you do it you can not use Service features related to geolocation services when Roberto Tondi Fotografo allows it.

If user connects to Facebook and/or Twitter or other social networks and Roberto Tondi Fotografo allows it, informations about some user activities and interactions with Service could be shared with these social network and processed by them as their own privacy policy. By the social network preferences menu user could always set and disallow informations sharing.

We could also share aggregated statistical informations and informations about users' profiles of the Service with third-parties, including our licensees, partners, advertisers and other subjects offering products and services related to the Service. These data are not linked to personal informations which could permit users identification. The Data Manager will not share with third-parties data which could permit Roberto Tondi Fotografo's users identification, except for legal actions (i.e. court orders and summons) or to prevent and fight frauds, as current law, or to make our general conditions respected or to protect rights, property and security of Service, users and other subjects.

Collected personal data could be communicated in fusion, purchase or total or partial sale environment of our company.


By appropriate security measures the data manager will work to protect your personal data from unauthorized distributions. Roberto Tondi Fotografo uses different security methods to protect your informations. Althought we develop appropriate security measures, users must know the fast and continuous development of tecnology in internet security field. So that we can not guarantee current developed security measures are able to protect processed personal data against danger of unauthorized next intrusions and our security measures can not be eluded. Users must know causes out of our control could involve a distribution of collected data. We like you to have best protection and to understand risks about processing of your personal data, so you must know that if you decide to access to applications, services or third-party websites by Service, informations you will transmitt could not be subject to our privacy policy and we suggest you to read third-parties' privacy policy before you login.


We acknowledge your rights as the D. Lgs. n. 196/2003, Codice in materia di Protezione dei Dati Personali, articoli 7 e 8, available at the following address:

including rights about access and revocation of consent you gave, by referring to specific conditions and paying consequences. To exert your rights and know more about privacy contact us at the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Roberto Tondi Fotografo can modify current document about privacy always. Usage of informations we collect are subject to the document in effect on the moment the information is used. If there will be big changes about our way to use personal informations, we will inform you by publishing a notify on our Service or by e-mail. After any changes to the current privacy document, using Service means users accept them.

The current Privacy Policy has been updated on Oct 8th, 2016.