Some rtworks by Roberto Tondi near dry stone walls.


Perhaps growing up in a crossroads of cultures that meet and follow each other in succession, leaving signs that are still clearly visible throughout the area, was somehow responsible for my metaphysical approach to photography. Indeed, concealed behind every manifest trace lies both the history of those signs that today are no longer visible and a story that is invisible because it has yet to be told.

All these other visions are just waiting to be revealed. I seek to do this by means of photography: I tell my personal story together with the universal story, in an attempt to go beyond the individual, beyond the circumstances of the case at hand towards a broader view that can embrace the whole.

When my heart and mind align with my instinct, what I imagine aligns with my lens, as if the photograph already existed inside me before the shot and simply materialised in front of my eyes. To bring out this beauty it was thus necessary to bring out myself and bare my own soul, together with the subject, as if telling our stories to each other through our gazes.

My reportage on humanity and its contradictions is thus expressed in a liquid narrative that merges the identity of a place with my own.

The time of observation, inside and outside ourselves, becomes the time of existence, of awareness, of the slow breath that frees itself from the power of speed, despite remaining surrounded by it on all sides.

In essence, time enables me to recognise the beauty all around us, and, by extension, to discover ourselves by means of that beauty.

I observe and frame people, faces, gazes and attitudes that reveal an intimate connection with the place they happen to be.

When I recognise it, I try to capture that instant in its spontaneity, without influencing it or loading it with other meanings, facilitating direct contact with the hidden dimension of reality.

In contrast, Stone Painting enables me keep a window open on a different hidden portion of the world: that of the invisible energies that operate naturally in every vital moment, such as air, water, earth, fire, chance and mystery.